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Creator Coaching


Let Your Expertise Shine

If you've been on TikTok or any other social media platform, you've likely noticed the barrage of everyday people picking up their phones to create content.


And while you may have a fear of filming content for your business today, it may result in your competitor doing it for their business tomorrow.


It's high time to let go of creator hesitancy and book a call.


Our creator coaches are ready to transform participants into confident and skilled video storytellers, learning the formula that will create high view count, likes and subscribers by mixing your personality with what's trending.

Whether you're a solo enthusiast or part of a group, our coaches will have you confidentially filming content in no time. 

Vagabond Jenna Fowler Review

Jenna Fowler

"This program was essential to assist us with sharing
our story to digitally connect with our customers. We appreciate the patience and creativity you provide
when coaching us amateurs. The whole experience
was incredible."

Coaching Rundown

From 1:1 coaching to team workshops, we craft each program to fit the needs of the business and individual.

Our comprehensive approach to coach to each style, skill level and business goal ensures each participant a positive and productive outcome. 

01// Creator Basics

We will retrain your brain to start loving the camera. 

  • Learn about the impact of video in business

  • Get the latest on what's an effective content strategy

  • Understand and overcome on-camera hesitation

  • Participate in positive self-awareness exercises 

  • Learn the 3 Ps of successful content creation

02 // Camera Mastery

Learn all the ins and outs of filmmaking on your phone.

  • Smartphone settings and features (universal settings)

  • Importance of lighting and angles 

  • How to capture clear and professional audio

  • Filming complementary footage (b-roll) 

03// Editing Essentials

  • Understand various video styles and learn how to edit each type.

  • Learn how to shorten up your long-winded videos

  • Master how to incorporate other footage at the right time

  • Understand what type of video styles work best on what social platform 

0// Putting It Together

Not only will you learn these hands-on techniques and video styles, but you will also create (3) 30 second videos for you to use on your social channels. 

It's all about taking action to say "action"


1:1 Coaching:  $250 / hr.

Team Workshops: Customized Quote

Let's Chat About It

I'm sure you have questions that we'd be more than happy to answer.  Book a workshop discovery call with us today. 

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