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Jedora x Vow'd Live Selling


An e-commerce brand was struggling to drive traffic to their site due to reliance on static photo posts on their social media. They aimed to revitalize their brand presence by integrating Bambuser's live video selling platform on their website and social media channels. However, initial efforts to attract viewers only resulted in engagement from employees, failing to reach their target audience


To tackle this challenge, we partnered with Bambuser to understand what makes an effective live selling campaign. We then developed a comprehensive 3-month thematic awareness campaign designed to scale with engaging topics, brand partnerships, and celebrity collaborations.

Key elements of our strategy included:

  1. Thematic Campaigns: We structured the campaign around monthly themes that resonated with the target audience, ensuring consistent and compelling content.

  2. Brand and Celebrity Partnerships: By collaborating with well-known brands and celebrities, we amplified the reach and appeal of the live selling events.

  3. Event Promotion via Eventbrite: To maximize attendance and engagement, we promoted the events through Eventbrite, capturing emails and entering attendees into giveaways. This approach not only increased visibility but also encouraged live interaction with the hosts.


This strategic initiative produced remarkable outcomes:

  • 300% increase in viewership: The live selling events saw a significant rise in audience numbers.

  • 2x increase in overall brand awareness: Over the 90-day period, the brand's visibility and recognition doubled.

  • 93% effectiveness in live selling campaigns: According to Coresight Research, a Bambuser research partner, our campaign achieved a 93% effectiveness rate in live selling.

By leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, we successfully transformed the e-commerce brand's approach, driving substantial traffic and engagement to their site.

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