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Duff Auto Group


For nearly 50 years, Earl Duff's dealership has been a cornerstone in Roane County, renowned for a deep love of cars and an unwavering commitment to helping people. His son, Tim, decided to pivot from their longstanding 30+ year partnership with Subaru to embark on a new journey in the automotive industry. While they continued to offer pre-owned vehicles, Tim's new venture, Duff Outdoor Equipment, introduced the prestigious Bobcat brand. The challenge was to communicate this significant change in offerings while reinforcing their enduring dedication to serving the community as they have for half a century.



To address this challenge, we created a set of videos in a documentary brand story style. By interviewing Tim, we highlighted Earl Duff’s legacy of prioritizing people over profit, ensuring that the community understood that this core value remained unchanged despite the new product offerings. These videos captured the essence of their long-standing commitment to the community, seamlessly bridging the past with the future.

We produced two targeted commercials: one for Earl Duff Pre-owned, emphasizing the dealership’s trusted heritage in pre-owned vehicles, and another for the new Duff Outdoor Equipment venture, showcasing their exciting partnership with the Bobcat brand. These commercials were tailored for both local broadcasts and social media, ensuring broad reach and engagement.

This approach not only communicated the brand’s ongoing dedication to the community but also generated excitement and trust for their new offerings.

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