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Drop Zone Distilling


Drop Zone Distilling, founded by Rod "Sarge" Parton, a fourth-generation moonshine and spirits distiller, carries a rich legacy. On Veterans Day 2022, Sarge decided to take his grandfathers' and father's special recipe legal, establishing the distillery with a mission to honor and celebrate those who served and continue to serve this great country. With deep roots in the 82nd Airborne and law enforcement, Sarge sought to create a brand that not only offered exceptional spirits but also shared the heroic stories of veterans. Eager to launch his brand and share these powerful stories, he needed professional help to bring his concept to life.


We proposed and are currently producing a digital omni-channel series that takes Sarge and a few of his friends on an adventure to capture these important stories on camera, all while sipping on Drop Zone Distilling's finest shine. This engaging series aims to resonate with the community and celebrate the valor and sacrifices of veterans.

We are nearing completion of the pilot episode, which will soon be available on Drop Zone's website, in-store, and across social platforms. Stay tuned for an inspiring and heartfelt journey into the lives of those who have served our country, brought to you by Drop Zone Distilling.

Our bonus work:

We leveraged trends (#genxunite & #blackout2024) on TikTok by producing 2 videos that to increase Drop Zone Distilling's follow count by 100% over one week.

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