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Best Packaging


The packaging equipment service and sales business approached us seeking a new marketing strategy as their traditional print campaigns were becoming increasingly costly. They wanted greater visibility on their social channels, which included Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Recognizing the B2B nature of their business, we advised them to focus primarily on LinkedIn to maximize their reach and engagement within their target audience.


We developed a multi-faceted approach with several initiatives:

  1. Leadership Video Series: Featuring Braden Woods, a dynamic marketing and sales leader in the company, this series launched monthly themes offering insights and topics relevant to the industry. Braden’s on-camera presence helped humanize the brand and establish thought leadership.

  2. Best Bytes: This portrait-framed quick content provided the target audience with valuable tips, insights, and information related to service items. These short, engaging videos were designed to be easily consumable and shareable.

  3. About Us Video: We created a comprehensive video for the company's website, giving an overview of their services, values, and mission. This video aimed to build trust and inform potential clients about their offerings.

After implementing these initiatives over the 3-month period, we saw significant results:

  • 36-hour increase in average weekly labor hours, equating to about a 47% revenue increase.

  • Over 200% lift in engagement on the business’s LinkedIn page and 120% increase overall for the owner's personal page.

This strategic approach not only showcased the company’s expertise and services but also demonstrated the power of video marketing in driving engagement and business growth.

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