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It's time to meet the video content demand for your social channels that will energize brand identity, build trust, and GROW your business.

Create Video That Gets Reach

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You’ve built an exceptional practice or business with a culture and passion that your clients love. Your current and past clients already know this—they’ve experienced it firsthand. But how do you capture the attention of those who have yet to discover your excellence?

The answer: organic video content. And a lot of it.

At eleven22, our mission is to be your dedicated creative video agency. We specialize in transforming your digital presence with compelling content that attracts your target audience, boosts engagement, and keeps your client list growing. Our expertise in crafting tailored video strategies ensures your practice stands out in a competitive market, driving growth and success.

What We Do

Let our work speak for itself. 

But is video marketing worth the investment?

Absolutely! Let the results speak for themselves. One of our clients in the packaging equipment space recently rolled out a 3-month LinkedIn video marketing strategy with us, and the outcomes were stellar.

  • Boosted Service Calls: Their weekly labor hours shot up by 36 hours—that’s a 48% increase

  • Revenue Growth: Witnessed 47% jump in weekly revenue generating from increased service calls & equipment sales/rentals

And here’s the kicker: these gains showed up after just 90 days of implementing our video marketing plan. 

Want to test out a 90-day plan for yourself? Schedule a discovery call today!

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Simplifying Video Content For All

Best Packaging, Inc. is one of many success stories of implementing authentic video marketing strategies to raise brand awareness, educate their target audience, and increase demand-gen leads.

And, the best part, they're having a blast doing it.

While Best Packaging is in the industrial service industry, authentic video marketing impacts all types of businesses. The eleven22 agency helps individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries effectively spread their brand message with a genuine, thoughtful approach.

Professionals, organizations & industries that benefit from eleven22 video marketing:


...and many more. 

Just Starting Out? 

Online Class

Starting a business is a journey filled with excitement and anticipation, but we know it can also feel overwhelming at times.


At eleven22, we’re here to lighten that load. Our Launch Pad offering is designed with you in mind—helping you create a captivating brand identity and a dynamic video marketing strategy that's easy to manage and ready to launch.


Let's make your business not just seen, but remembered.
Together, we'll craft the stepping stones to your success.

Our Services

While our services may resemble those of other production houses, eleven22 uniquely customizes a program of both quantity and quality tailored to meet your video needs. Our monthly retainers offer the perfect blend to help you scale your organic video content at every stage of your business. Check our pricing packages to find the best option to fit your budget.

Let's Chat About It

Now that you know what eleven22 can do, let's chat about how we can make it happen for you.  Book a discovery call with us today. 

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