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Brand Builders

It's time to meet the video content demand for your social channels that will energize brand identity, build trust, and GROW your business.

Create Video That Gets Reach

You've built an incredible business...with a culture and passion for your clients that truly stands out.  Your current and past clients already know this - they've experienced it firsthand.  But how do you catch the eye of those who have yet to discover your awesomeness?

Answer: by creating and publishing authentic organic 
video content.   
And, a lot of it.

eleven22's mission is to partner with you as your coach and creative strategist to flood your social channels with video content that will raise an intrigued eyebrow, give the feels to your customers, and keep business booming.

Who We Help

Learn more about the variety of businesses that are our clients.

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We're New To Knoxville

Yep, we are the new kid on the block.

In Illinois, word on the street is that Knoxville has a fantastic hub of artists, budding entrepreneurs, and the kindest humans you can find in the US. 

That said, while we still call Chicago home, it was a no-brainer for us to expand operations here.

As our way to introduce ourselves, we'd love to feature your business in our Main St. Entrepreneurs video brand series -
completely on us. 


Simplifying Video Content For All

Best Packaging, Inc. is one of many success stories of implementing authentic video marketing strategies to raise brand awareness, educate their target audience, and increase demand-gen leads.

And, the best part, they're having a blast doing it.

While Best Packaging is in the industrial service industry, authentic video marketing impacts all types of businesses. The eleven22 agency helps individuals and organizations of all sizes and industries effectively spread their brand message with a genuine, thoughtful approach.

Professionals, organizations & industries that benefit from eleven22 video marketing:

  • Entrepreneurs & SMBs

  • B2C & B2B Sales Teams

  • Healthcare, MedAesthetic & Wellness

  • Real Estate Agents & Managers


...and many more. 

Christina R.

Your creativity and energy really
made our project come to life...
the positive feedback was insane!

Monica R.

 AIT Worldwide 

The video will SET US APART!
From the bottom of my heart,
I truly can't thank you enough! 

Jenna F.
 Vagabond Botanical 

We appreciate the patience and creativity you provide when coaching us amateurs. The whole experience was incredible. 


01// Creator Workshops

Empowering you to create content. 

We bring your inner creator to fruition. Our seasoned
coaches will have you loving the record button in no time.

Whether it's 1:1 or training a team, our workshops
are an experience.

Learn More

02// Creative Partnership

A relationship of strategic proportions.

We believe in a holistic approach. We don't simply
provide training and send you on your way.

That would be rude.


Instead, we offer an ongoing creative
partnership that goes beyond the basics.

Learn More


03// Content Management

Social network concept

We can do the heavy lifting.

Experience everything with our creative partnership
plus video editing and organic social media management.

Elevate your content, transform your engagement,
and let your brand sizzle in the digital spotlight. 

Learn More

04// Full-Scale Production

Because polished video isn't going away.

As much as authentic, creator-driven video  is in demand, we know that high-quality video still has its place in the world.

Our production team can seamlessly take your project from inception to completion.

Learn More


Let's Chat About It

Now that you know what eleven22 can do, let's chat about how we can make it happen for you.  Book a discovery call with us today. 

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